Tropical rendezvous

Dawn envelops this sacred space, a liminal sanctuary that blurs the boundaries of indoor and outdoor in a soft ethereal glow. Dewdrops dance on the edge of broad green leaves, slowly unfurling to accept the warmth and light of the sun’s sultry rays. Everything breathes light and warmth in the tropical paradise of this quiet haven.

Leave those large screen doors open to listen to the lilting laughter of your children chasing each other ‘round the sofa, or the dulcet jazzy tones of Ella Fitzgerald put on by your partner, just before they join you – outside – for a hot mug of rich Kopi Luwak. 

Royal Botania outdoor luxury furniture ties it all together – the sultry warmth of teak accents, fabrics in muted natural shades that whisper tranquillity, and a beautiful play of lines. The concrete elements of your modern build, or accent planters lavishly overrun with ivy, Bird of Paradise, and Kentia palm add warmth and a feeling of permanence, warmth, and solidity. 

Visionary versatility

Haute couture in the fashion world is characterised by scarcity, selectivity, and a coy manicured talk-to-the hand should you request the tailored velour blouse with Peter Pan collar in anything other than green olive. Not so, the Mozaix Lounge.

Mozaix is a dream-come-true for creatives who adore quality, natural materials, and freedom of choice. As always, the unifying element is the frame, crafted from golden-hued teakwood or produced in refined, powder-coated aluminium. Once you’ve chosen the base, it’s time to indulge in the lavish selection of colours and fabric for cosy cushions of varying sizes and shapes.

But it’s the modularity that is destined to win every design lover’s heart over. Fluidly combine long cushions with short ones, create extended seating or the perfect cosy nook (the solution for smaller terraces) in an endless variety of combinations.

Be your own architect and transform each element into a feature piece. The rhythmic grid frame can also be stylishly accented with enamelled lava stones in six assorted colours. Playful coated aluminium lights, side tables, and planters can also be curated to create the outdoor paradise you’ve always dreamt of.

Strappy character

What gives a design interior a sense of timelessness and warmth? What makes friends and family want to be in that space? All the time? Often, it’s that one quirky retro piece that flirts with the eye and evokes a sense of playful curiosity. Think 50s, 60s, and 70s vintage by Domus, Arne Jacobsen, and Larsen & Madsen.

The Strappy collection infuses your private garden with that same sense of whimsical and wonder, always with an ineffable flourish of elegance. Curiouser and curiouser, this is retro in a new, customisable package with straps in fabric or synthetic leather that can be removed or attached in a flash.

The new rocking chair and footrest are the perfect statement item for every terrace (or even indoors!). Available in a variety of colours, you can make Strappy uniquely your own. Boost the comfort and tweak the personality with your favourite cushion. Strappy’s light, airy look belies how sturdy these stylish design chairs, low chairs, daybeds, and rocking chairs are.

Strappy is destined to become an iconic element of fashion-savvy homes all over the world.

Raise a glass to the good life 

Royal Botania welcomes you to raise a glass to embracing nature, comfort, and luxury from your tropical rendezvous. Paradise is only a heartbeat away with the Strappy and Mozaix collections. Your friends and family can’t wait to join you!

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