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Solid surface materials incorporated in the Royal Botania Collection rely on the application of the Corian® or Kerrock® brands. Made of mass-dyed composite material, they combine mass with homogeneity, yet without seams or joints. The basic ingredient of this product is aluminium trihydrate (ATH). Other components are acrylic resins, which are used as a binder. Aluminium hydroxide makes the material very sturdy and also more heatresistant than other synthetic materials.

Acrylate provides flexibility, making it easy to process and very strong.

5 good reasons for choosing SSM:

1. durable
2. non-porous
3. hygienic
4. UV-resistant
5. very colourfast


Solid Surface Materials

Solid surface materials are non-porous, so spilled fluids cannot penetrate the surface. Certain chemicals can cause staining or can damage the surface. These are strong acids, ketones such as acetone, chlorinated solvents such as chloroform, and combinations of strong solvents such as paint strippers. Daily maintenance is one with a mild abrasive cream. The surface is renewable and minor damage and scratches can be completely repaired, restoring the surface to its original condition using fine sandpaper (320) or a soft abrasive cream and scouring pad. Mild cigarette burn marks can be removed easily in the same way.

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