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High pressure laminate (HPL) by TRESPA® is ideal for outdoor use, because of the following properties:

1. water resistant
2. easy maintenance
3. impervious to bacteria or micro-organisms
4. scratch-resistant
5. very colourfast



Laminate is easy to clean with a sponge and an allpurpose household cleaner. Afterwards, rinse and/or wipe off to avoid streaks. Do not use cleaners which have an abrasive or polishing action. Use only sponges, soft nylon brushes or cloths. Do not use brushes with hard bristles. Algae and moss can occur in places that remain cool and moist for prolonged periods of time and which are exposed to very little sunlight. Thanks to the closed surface, algae and moss will only grow on the top of the surface, making good cleaning very easy.

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