luxury outdoor accessories

Luxury outdoor accessories

It’s the little things in life that sprinkle joy and remind you of just how good life can truly be. From the ingenious and exquisite design of the Tono – a masterpiece in versatility – to the sleek elegance of the Ninix towel rack, Royal Botania provides you with timeless pieces that lend your garden singular flair. Enjoy the best that life has to offer with luxury garden furniture living accessories.

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Luxury outdoor accessories

It’s the small things in life that can make a big difference. Luxury outdoor accessories remind us of how good our outdoor life can be.

Focusing on innovative design, superior quality and excellent customer service, we aim to bring the ultimate in contemporary style and sophistication to your garden, terrace, or outdoor space.

You’ll be a fan of the ingenious and exquisite design of the TONO pouf: there are many poufs for indoor and outdoor use, none are as clever as Tono.

With a rigid structure made of moulded plastic, it can be upholstered with any fabric from the Royal Botania textile collection of luxury garden accessories. That also applies to the seating cushion. The two choices combined offer thousands of colour and texture options to compliment the rest of the outdoor decor. And as the core doesn’t absorb any water, these poufs dry very quickly. Tono’s practical design and variable style make it the most versatile of all poufs on the market!

It’s often been said that accessories make the outfit, and the same goes for your design garden accessories. Those delicate details and hints of elegance complete the dreamy aquarelle of your outdoor paradise. These gems combine functionality and versatility with sophisticated design so that whether you’re lounging by the poolside or entertaining guests – it’s always a polished affair.

Picture yourself in a beautiful outdoor space, sitting comfortably with a glass of wine and perhaps nibbling on a special French cheese. You’re engaged in conversation or simply savouring a peaceful moment. The stress of everyday life is melting away. Are you at a posh boutique inn? Possibly. But you could also be at home, in your own private outdoor living spacee. With Royal Botania’s luxury outdoor accessories you can create your own luxury outdoor paradise.

Indulge in finesse

The Royal Botania modern garden accessories pages host many exclusive outdoor products like cushion boxes, towel racks, poufs and more.

All Royal Botania’s luxury outdoor furniture is produced in a highly sustainable and durable way. Not only do we guarantee top quality, our premium quality garden furniture and accessories is produced with respect to both nature and the people involved in the production.

We have set up our own Green Forest Plantation Co. with a surface area of approximately 200 hectares/ 500 acres. Over 250.000 teak trees were planted there. By creating a sustainable business model based upon regenerative forest growth, Royal Botania is able to produce finely crafted outdoor furniture with reduced environmental impact.

When you lie down and relax in your Royal Botania garden furniture, you’ll know that you have contributed to a sustainable world. Put your feet up, lean back and enjoy, you deserve it!



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